Buyers - Choosing The Wrong agent Could Cost You Hundreds More At Closing!
How To choose a real estate agent to help buy a property.

Real estate agents say that the more you tell them, the better they can negotiate on your behalf.     I think most agents, sellers and buyers would agree with this statement. However, if your "gut feeling" says that you should not be totally honest with your agent - why would you want to work with him/her? 

Here in SWFL, agents typically work as Transaction Brokers, unless some other agency relationship is agreed upon. No matter what type of "legal obligation" the agent may have, you will need to have some degree of trust with that agent. If you don't believe that, well I've got some ocean front swamp land to sell you:) If possible, a referral from a friend, family member or co-worker that knows the agent is a great way to go!  On-line reviews and recommendations is another helpful tool. 

This could save you hundreds of dollars! 
Here are a few things to look for: 

How many years has the agent been selling real estate in your area? Real estate - is local! Just because the agent has sold real estate for 20 years in another area or State, does not mean they are as knowledgeable as someone that has been selling locally for only 2 or 3 years. 

Is the agent a full-time professional, or sells part-time? You must ask them if they have any other job, or is real estate their profession? We have known agents that have said they were "full-time" because they said they worked over 30 hours a week in real estate - while at the same time, having another "real job". Would you trust a part-time attorney? No way! 

The agent should not only answer your questions, but give you answers to questions you did not know you needed to ask. 

Got Fees? You would be surprised to know how many agents charge buyers and sellers an extra add-on fee at closing. Those fees can range from $195 to over $750 at closing! This goes for vacant lots too! Many times, the buyers do not know about this fee until they want to write up an offer, or worse, at closing! Before you work with any agent, ask them if they plan on charging you any type of extra fee at closing. If they say yes, ask these questions: Why? What extra are you doing that is not already included in your commission and not required by law? How much do you plan on charging me? When were you planing on telling me about this fee - at contract? Is this fee negotiable? If this fee is negotiable, why were you trying to charge it to me in the first place?

Is this who you want to work with? ** IMPORTANT ** There is no reason you should have to pay a real estate agent hundreds in extra fees simply because you gave him/her your business! ** Even with the low commission rate charged to sellers, Andrew Lussier and Virtual Florida Realty have never charged automatic extra add-on fees to buyers or sellers!! 

Golden Rule - treat others how you would like to be treated - simple but true! 

Andy Lussier has been working as a full time real estate agent here is SWFL for nearly 30 years! Would you like to see what people are saying about working with Andy Lussier? Click the Zillow Icon below! 

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