Buyers - Don't Pay $295 Or More In Extra Fees & Other Buyer Info



Buying a home can be complicated, but here are some valuable resource articles that may be helpful for you as you are going through the home buying process. 

BUYER BEWARE - Many real estate agents here in SWFL charge an extra fee of $250 to over $750 to you the buyer at closing - on top of the commission they receive - We don't!! That extra $295 to $750 could help pay for your inspection or appraisal. 

The links below go to articles that cover the basics from understanding how real estate agents assist with the process, analyzing your budget and financial status, dealing with inspections, making an offer for that home and preparing for the paperwork process that goes along with this life changing financial decision. For assistance or quick answers to your real estate questions, call or text Andrew Lussier at: 239-826-7253 or call the office at: 239-945-1400. You may also email Andy at: 

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Andrew Lussier
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