Free Daily, Weekly Or A Once A Month Update - Directly From The MLS. No Search Required - Easy & Accurate Data - Just Click And View!

In addition to your own research on the web, your free Listingbook Account that you may have already signed up for etc., we can send you daily updates directly from changes that occur in the MLS system. This will provide you with the most accurate info available from any source! If you are really busy, this is a great way to get accurate info quickly, without having to search for info yourself. It is a great way not to miss a new listing or price reduction. In order for us to do this, we will need to discuss your desired search criteria. The way it works is this: We will perform a search directly in the MLS system based on the criteria you give us. After the search is narrowed to what you want, the search is then saved. The saved search is then attached to your email address. As changes occur that fall within that search criteria, you will receive an automatic update.

Even if you have no intention on buying or selling now, this can be a great way to keep tabs on current market conditions for your property or community. We can set you up for a daily, weekly or just a once a month update. 

IMPORTANT! You need to follow the system’s instructions, or you will not receive the updates we are trying to send you. There is now a regional system here in SWFL. The Matrix MLS system is being used by the Naples, Bonita/Estero, Ft Myers and Cape Coral Boards of Realtors. This should provide better coverage for our entire SWFL region. If you want to receive MLS updates directly from the MLS, the Matrix system requires that you accept these updates. You will shortly receive a “Welcome To The Portal” email from the MLS system. If you do not click to accept, the system will not send you any of the updates I’m trying to send you. Also, please try to click on at least one update per month to keep your account active. After 30 days, the system will automatically disable my updates to you. To make sure all my updates to you are received, and not sent to your junk/spam folder please make sure add  and  to your email address book to insure that your computer will know my emails to you are OK to receive.

All messages we send to you, will contain a link to your personalized page on “The Portal”. You can access The Portal with your favorite web browser. The info will be available in several different formats. You will be able to see info, photos and be able to see them pinned on a map, a high-level aerial photograph or a low-level "Bird's Eye" photograph. Remember, when you receive your “Welcome Email” you must click on that email to activate your account. Also, please try to click on at least one update per month, or the system may de-activate you for non-use. If you ever stop getting updates, or have any questions, please call or email us. You can unsubscribe at any time. Please do not unsubscribe unless you really want those updates to stop. 

We can change the criteria and/or frequency of those updates at any time. If you want to receive a free automatic MLS update, please call or text: 239-826-7253 or email Andy at:  

P.S. Many agents here charge extra add-on fees of $250 to $750 to both the seller and buyer – on top of their commission - We don’t!    

Andrew Lussier
Andrew Lussier
Sales Executive